NucleoDB 1.13.21 and NucleoDB-Spring 3.3.14 Released

NucleoDB 1.13.21: New Features

NucleoDB, a Java library, has released version 1.13.21. Key updates include:

  • Multiple connection types support, enhancing its adaptability to various database architectures.
  • A local message queue for simplified unit testing, improving test implementation efficiency.

NucleoDB-Spring 3.3.14: Enhanced Read Queries

The associated Spring Data repository, NucleoDB-Spring, is now at version 3.3.14. This update focuses on:

  • Improved read query capabilities, optimizing data retrieval processes.


Comprehensive documentation for both NucleoDB and NucleoDB-Spring is now available, providing guidance for setup, usage, and advanced features. Access it at

These updates aim to enhance Java database integration, offering more flexibility and efficiency for developers.