Video Streaming platform that includes watching in groups, controlling the page from another device (remote control), adding favorites, and keeping track of video watch progress.


  • Progress tracking
    • Resume videos from when you left off
    • Resume a show based on the last video you watched
  • Genre tags
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Video converting
    • Video converter built with SpringBoot
    • Video converted to x265
  • Remote Control
    • Control a window instance of AnimeCap
    • Pick videos to watch, scroll through th video
    • Control multiple window instances at once
  • Group Watching
    • Create groups
    • Select videos for the group
    • Keeps everyone in time with the leader of the group
    • Assigns new group leader when current leader leaves

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Older Version Screenshots

Version 4 - First Java version

Built using Synload Framework


Version 3



Websockets, NodeJS